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businesses. >> and impossibly overloaded picked up viewers off the roadway in texas >> a long time football powerhouse has been dealt a blow that will cripple it for years to come >> you will see a lot of,,,,,,,, >> san jose police are looking for the killer of young couple inside their home. neighbors on the 300 block of seventh street say they heard shouting and shops around 4:00 this morning and saw a man running from the home. they say victim were a couple in their 20s who had three small children. one woman said one of the children may have seen the shooting. >> my concern was the kids because they were coming out crying and i ask them what happened in they said the man shot my mommy and daddy >> police say they don't believe it was a murder-suicide and are investigating it as a double murder. >> 84 alarm fire leave 60 people in san jose homeless. fire, it started on camden avenue around 9:00 last night. 20 apartments were damaged and five people suffered minor injuries. the cause is being investigated. raiders wide receiver. spay pleaded no contest to a the y charge. chp says it's spo
to the test to,,,,, >> scientists at the university of texas are hoping that baby teeth can help them get to the root of autism. many experts believe it is triggered by a combination of genetic and environmental exposure. baby teeth act as a time line allowing researchers to see just about everything a child from a pesticide to medicine. autism affects one in 88 children. when it comes to sunglasses, the more expensive they are, the better for your eyes, right? we wanted to find out for selves and we put 18 pairs of sunglasses to the test. >> when the sun comes out, so do the shades, all kinds at all prices. >> a couple hundred dollars >> under $100 >> $5 >> sunglasses should protect your eyes from damaging uv light >> the lands within your eye ages faster when you have more uv exposure and that can lead to cataracts. >> can make cheap air do the trick? >> probably not >> cbs healthwatch collected 18 pairs of sunglasses that cost anywhere from 2-$200, all claiming to protect 100 percent. we put them in the hands of an optometrist at the merit more in height center at cal. using a speciali
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2